La République Démocratique du Jambon (RDJ)

LA RÉPUBLIQUE DÉMOCRATIQUE DU JAMBON (RDJ), the little gem from the Cantons-de-l’Est, is a small artisanal curing shop based in Sherbrooke that produces deli meats with a unique flavour, free from chemicals, in a manner that respects raw materials. Unrefined products prepared with quality meat from local producers. The kiosk at LE CENTRAL, is a showcase of the expertise of the RDJ’s butchers. You will find sandwiches and deli trays, as well as a counter of deli meats sliced on the spot and some cheeses to take away.

Opening Hours

Monday - Wednesday

8am - 9pm

Thursday - Saturday

8am - 11pm


8am - 8pm


General Information

Marie-Christine Champagne
514 845-0149 poste 224

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