A new word soon on everyone’s lips: Bagadó

Emperã Dialect from Emberà Colombian tribe.

BAGADÓ, whose meaning evokes a river magical and full of life, overflowing with diversity – “Rio de las mariposas / Butterfly River”; is a place of creative inspirations rife with fruits and vegetation. Home to butterflies of flavors: delicate, everchanging, and ephemeral. Inspired by this river, Bagadó’s ice cream masters and chocolatiers at LE CENTRAL will be constantly researching astounding flavours, multi faceted mixes, from here and around the world, to surprise you with their delicious and unique ice creams, just like with their stunning chocolates.

Home made with outright passion!

Opening Hours

Monday - Wednesday

8am - 9pm

Thursday - Saturday

8am - 11pm


8am - 8pm


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General Information

Marie-Christine Champagne
514 845-0149 poste 224

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